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Legalize Marijuana and Boost the Revenues.

Marijuana is a herbal weed that is used as a medicine although some use it as a stress reliever. many marijuana users tend to live a beautiful life away from any sicknesses and that’s why marijuana is said to be safe and very reliable for human consumption. Tobacco and alcohol is said to be harmful to our health but marijuana is safe and very effective since it takes care of any sort of deadly conditions in the body.

Marijuana users rarely fall sick compared to alcohol and tobacco users and this has led into a huge consideration as to why marijuana should be legal. With marijuana you will never experience any health complications and according to health experts. Marijuana should be taken with lots of cautiousness just like any other stress reliever substance this is to prevent addiction. From treating depression, also kills cancer cells and other deadly conditions marijuana needs to be legalized as its already been proved to have effective benefits for our bodies. Marijuana is said to heal hundreds of diseases in a natural way with no side effects like normal medicines do.

If at all the state can allow legalization of cannabis it’d make lots of revenues as this thing is used by many. The revenues can be achieved due to high usage of marijuana in the market and that’s why the state should rethink of legalizing it. Marijuana has more consumers than tobacco and alcohol that’s why should be legalized for the state to gain more revenue. Compared to tobacco and alcohol marijuana is the best as it has fewer side effects more so very rare cases of deaths are reported from marijuana consumption. With marijuana since it is a herbal weed there are fewer chances of ailing or getting harmed in any way so why then not legalize cannabis.

marijuana is less harmful and very healthy to the body that’s why the state should legalize it. If the state can only allow that to happen it’d benefit a lot in tax charges as many prefer using marijuana than alcohol and tobacco. Tobacco and alcohol have been proven to have dangerous side effects compared to marijuana as they have led to drastic deaths which are very absurd and click here. marijuana the market is rapidly growing meaning this thing is reliable and less harmful thus should be considered by the state for it to be legalized as many have seen its merits.

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