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Everything About Electrolytes

The one responsible for fluids in our body to move, produce energy and contract muscles are none other than electrolytes. Some examples of it are chloride, potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium and bicarbonate. Electrolytes can be found in milk, fruit juices, fruits and vegetables as well. From this source, your body can acquire the electrolytes it needs.

Whether you believe it or not, there are many healthy food choices that you can get electrolytes and learn more about them, better keep on reading.

You might be asking how much electrolytes the body needs. As a matter of fact, the word electrolytes become a household word for many people have become very familiar with different sports drink. Most likely, you know that it is good to have electrolytes in the body and they play a critical role especially when you are sick or feeling dehydrated. But you should know that whenever you are sick, the last thing that your body needs is taking sports drink.

Electrolytes can be in different forms like gases, liquids or solids that has electrically conducting ion and may be measured via laboratory study of the blood serum. The public wasnt aware of what electrolytes are but because some sports drink have started claiming to have more electrolytes than water. As for those who have an active lifestyle or people who are working out, they lose more electrolytes when sweating and need to replenish their electrolytes in order to regain the energy they lost. Whether you believe it or not, our sweat is made from 99 percent water and the remaining 1 percent is electrolytes. If you like to learn more about electrolytes, then keep on reading this article.

What you dont know is, the best source of electrolytes are from food and not by taking sugary drinks. There are plenty of vegetables regardless if it is frozen, canned or fresh that have adequate amount of electrolytes, same thing with milk, bread and fruits. But the thing is, you need to regulate your intake for too much of it leads usually to diarrhea. If you want to learn the recommended consumption of electrolytes and other useful information, you may visit this useful website.

Salted foods can be used as well as a source for electrolytes. Basically, if you are excited to know how to get electrolytes keto, then eat salted meats, butter, peanuts and the likes, its because of the fact that they are all wonderful chloride replacement.

Say that your electrolytes are at the right level, you may enjoy fewer spasms and muscle cramps and increased stamina. I suggest to view here for more info.